Josuanne Denis-Frasier

Josuanne Denis-Frasier was born and raised in Nyack, NY, a quaint town in Rockland County, NY.  For as long as Josuanne could remember she has always loved reading.  While other children were out playing, she could be found either curled up with a book or daydreaming about different scenarios for said books.  What started out as daydreaming later morphed into Josuanne writing down her ideas and then turning those ideas into short stories, which eventually lead to her completion of Caged Bird.
Josuanne earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY.  She then went on to earn a Master Degree in Urban Affairs from CUNY Hunter College.  Josuanne has committed almost 15 years of her career to working in the nonprofit, social service sector.  In early 2015, Josuanne began her professional writing career when she was signed to UrbanEdge Publishing.  When she is not working, Josuanne enjoys reading and creating new ideas for her future books.  Josuanne currently lives in Long Island, NY. 
"It’s amazing what a great book can do.  A great book and its characters can make you feel sadness, anger, happiness, inspiration and so many other emotions.  My plan is to deliver to you those great books and memorable characters.” ~Josuanne Denis-Frasier~